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Multimedia Association - APMP


APMP's mission is to represent and defend the interests of the Multimedia industries, contributing to its sustained growth and the regulation of the sector.


APMP is a nonprofit Private Association with the legal status of public utility.

The Association develops its activities around 3 strategic goals:

  • Contribute as social partner to a policy of development in the sector
  • Boost the Networking and foster innovation
  • Support internationalization, as promoter of I&D projects

The industries represented by APMP are composed by companies of several business areas: contents producers, editors, social media, advertising companies, broadcasting companies, multimedia companies, internet, mobile and gaming, training, education and investigation.

APMP represents a universe of half a hundred associated companies, of national and international scope, being 75% of SME's and 25% of large companies , all together represent an annual turnover of approximately three thousand million euros.

The mandate programe to 2013-2016 relies on 4 priority axes


This axis aims to affirm the Multimedia Association as a leader in the promotion of industry trends and serve as a showcase for companies to share best practices.


This axis aims to loyalty members and help develop activities that create value.
The associates shall be involved to participate in the Association decisions that may cause an impact in their business area.  National scope Shall be strengthened in order to attract new members and to disseminate activities of Multimedia Association.


This axis aims to contribute that Multimedia Association occupy public space and became an institutional partner regarding the agenda of issues related to the industries in which the Association operates, help and particularly with companies that represents.


This axis aims to manage the brand image of APMP and enhance its notoriety. The communication shall be worked in an integrated way, using the several supports and channels available, with a predominance of online media .



a) Annual  conference (scientific component)
b) National Multimedia Award  ( prestige and value)
c) Tech' I Talk (innovation)
d) Debate Dinners with Enterprise Speakers (best practices)
e) I&D  Financed Projects (networking)
f) Monthly / quarterly article in a publication of reference that may rely on the production capacity of the associates (public space)

Projects in the framework of Lifelong Learning

  • EMPOWER! Europe Managing Projects and Work for Effective Results - Agreement Nr. 2012-1-IT2-GRU06-37053-1

    The EMPOWER! partnership main goal is exchange practices and ideas and analyze the national background of each Country involved in, referring to the new EU Cohesion Policy Framework for 2014/2020 to better reply to the big changes coming from the new Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) by building up a transnational network. www.projectempower.eu

  • Webinar Expert - video conference use for learning – Agreement Nr. 2013-1-PT1-LEO05-15418
    The general aim of this project is to transfer, adapting and integrating innovative contents and results from the project "How to webcast " and transfer it to Poland , Portugal, Italy and Spain.
    We will transform the webcast methodology into Webinar Expert Methodology (WEM) , on the experience of testing WEM in the new countries, add a new value and enrich it with blending approaches. The second aim will be the rise awareness of streaming media use in education among trainers and educators. This will also foster exchange mechanisms between the project partners, beneficiaries and training institutions.

  • Promoter of the project "New Skills for Women (Re) integration in the labor market". This project was funded by the EU Programme LEONARDO DA VINCI – Transfer of Innovation. The project settled in the goal to reinforce the human capital in inclusive societies. The acquisition of new Skills fostering creativity and innovation, the development of entrepreneurship and a smooth transition between jobs, being the target group women that return to the labor market after an hiatus in their carreers, caused by maternity, illness, unemployment, or under a situation of independent professional. With the duration of 24 months, the project developed between November 2012 and October 2012. For more informations: www.nsforwomen.eu.

  • Partner in a project funded by the EU Programme Grundtvig Partnerships. MULTIMEDIA- Innovative management and presentation of results in adult educational projects by using multimedia". The goal of this partnership was to strengthen the interactive social networking and the transfer of educational information to equal access  and opportunities to knowledge introducing ICT, flexible approaches with the use of multimedia and easy accesses ​​in adult education, promoting sustainable development of the digital society. With the duration of 24 months this partnership developed its activities between August 2010 and July 2012. For more information: www.watershed.co.uk/multimedia

  • Partner in the project "Management E-learning Experience for Training secondary school's students", funded by the EU programme LEONARDO DA VINCI – Transfer of Innovation. MEET project selects and covers three needs that are based on: product type, reform of the educational and training system of the partner countries; quality criteria.  First necessity: Innovative tools focused in the trainee; to be based in a methodology created to solve real problems; use of ICT. Second necessity: draw training models where competences may be acquired in different educational training contexts: school; work environment, self learning and requalification. Several partners adopted didactic methodologies and approaches of labor base and redesigned the curriculum and study program to allow clear identification of results. Third necessity: The product must comply with the rules and criteria of quality standards in accordance with the principles of EQARF. With the duration of 24 months, the project developed between November 2012 and October 2012. For more informations: www.meet-project.eu

  • INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP: "INTRODUCTION TO NEW FORMS TO INTERACT - ARDUINO": Promoted By APMP, in order to acquire fundamental notions of Arduino ("open source" electronic platform, based on a flexible tool "easy-to-use") and programming. Target : Active adults coming from artistic and creative areas ,designers, engineers, musicians, programmers, and all people interested in new media and interactive architecture, namely interactive new ways to interact with the computer. Project funded the EU Program – Grundtvig Workshops




President of the Board of APMP: André Sendin ( Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar. )
Secretary General APMP: Teresa Valente ( Este endereço de email está protegido contra piratas. Necessita ativar o JavaScript para o visualizar. )

Headquarters: Av Brasil nº 1, 1749-008 Lisboa
Office: Madan Parque - sala 2.15, Rua dos Inventores
2825-182 Caparica



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